The Poor Man’s Lobster

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It’s the perfect time to explore diverse seafood options, and monkfish from Point Judith, RI, is a standout choice. Often dubbed the “poor man’s lobster,” this fish offers a rich and meaty taste that’s both delicious and wallet-friendly, especially with a price point below $8/lb (item code 770715).


Despite its less-than-glamorous appearance, monkfish wins big on taste and versatility. It’s a fantastic pick for anyone looking to diversify their Lenten menu without overspending. Whether you’re planning to grill, roast, or poach, monkfish adapts beautifully to various recipes, promising a culinary delight.

So, if you’re aiming for a seafood option that’s both unique and economical this Lent, consider adding monkfish to your menu. It not only supports sustainable fishing practices but also brings a touch of indulgence to your meals at an affordable cost. Give it a try and discover why monkfish is a hidden gem in the seafood world.