Chesapeake Dragon Fish

Fish Market Availability Update

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Chesapeake Dragon Fish (channa argus) –Formerly known as the Snakehead, the Chesapeake Dragon fish accurately describes where the fish comes from (the Bay region) and what it actually looks like. Anyone who has caught them knows it is like catching a ferocious dragon. Anyone who has eaten them knows that they are absolutely delicious!

Local Wild Rock – All local fishermen have filled their quota, with most migratory jumbo rock schools having passed Ocean City, Maryland. The market is ascending this week, and supply will be low for the rest of May. However, expect an increase in wild rock from June 1, marking the start of Maryland’s pound-net season.

Wild Halibut – Most Canadian fishermen are lobster fishing for this month and the next. The reduced fishing effort for halibut has caused a rise in the market.

Local Mahi – Boats in Hatteras, NC, should start landing their first mahi trips soon.

Fresh Venezuelan Jumbo Lump – Surprisingly, we’re under $1 per ounce this week, half the price of Indo pasteurized jumbo lump.

Live Lobster – Nova Scotia is yielding abundant quantities of hardshell lobsters. The market has been kept from falling further as the “tubers” have intervened, buying all lobsters not directed to the live trade.

Live Soft Crabs – The market is declining, but not as rapidly as predicted.

Prices are subject to change