The Lobster Weather Outside is ‘Frightful’!


Nova Scotia’s lobster fishing season, particularly in the key zones of LFAs 33 and 34, is facing unprecedented challenges. According to Heather Mulock of the Coldwater Lobster Association, catches are down by at least 40-50%, a significant drop from previous years. This decline is particularly impactful, considering these zones are among Canada’s largest fishing areas. […]

Venezuelan Crabmeat Update

Venezuelan Crabmeat

Prices have leveled off for Venezuelan crabmeat, if you want to call it that, with jumbo lump in the low 40s. Volume arriving into Miami each week is still extremely low. After New Year’s, there is a break in production as all the plants around the lake are closed and have yet to reopen between […]

Thank You for the Opportunity to Serve You

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2024, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and trust in our services. Your patronage is the cornerstone of our success, and we look forward to serving you in the year ahead with the same dedication and quality you’ve come to expect from us. Please […]

Fresh Venezuelan Meat Prices Itself Out of the Market

Venezuelan Crabmeat

The Venezuelan producers have succeeded in driving almost everyone away from their expensive crabmeat. Traffic volume at most foodservice establishments across the country is down significantly year over year and restauranteurs cannot afford to spend an extra 15% on their crabmeat. The Venezuelan claims of hardship and needing almost $40 per pound for their jumbo […]

Frozen Shrimp – The Best Value Protein by Far

Frozen Shrimp

The world has produced more shrimp than it can consume for the last 18 months. With most global economies, including China, slowing down, this oversupply issue seems to be intensifying. Currently, prices are at or even below the cost of producing those shrimp. In response, major shrimp-producing countries like India and Thailand have temporarily halted […]

Savor the Season with Christmas Cove Oysters

Christmas Cove Oysters

This holiday season, spice up your festivities with our exclusive Christmas Cove Oysters from Barnstable, MA. These delicacies are known for their mild saltiness and perfect 2.5-inch size, making them a must-have for your Holiday specials menu. At $85 per 100ct. (#600025), these limited-time oysters offer a unique culinary experience at a great value. Grab […]

Why Are Ocean Choice FAS North Atlantic Sea Scallops So Special?

North Atlantic Sea Scallops

We are singing the praises of this particular item because it is extremely rare to cook and taste a sea scallop in its purest form. Shucked and frozen within minutes of being brought aboard the boat, you can still see the ridges in the scallop from the plate freezer on board. Eaten raw, these are […]

More Than Half of the Picking Plants Around Lake Maracaibo Closed

Lake Maracaibo

The perfect storm, that no one saw coming, is brewing in the crabmeat industry this December. The volume of fresh crab meat from Lake Maracaibo has steadily declined weekly since the season reopened in late October. The sporadic shipments that arrive in Miami each week are so small that the product is rationed out to […]

Fresh Nantucket Bay Scallops In Season

Nantucket Bay Scallops

As the 2023-24 Nantucket Bay scallop season unfolds, there’s an air of cautious optimism among the local fishermen. This optimism follows a significant boost in the previous season’s harvest, where the catch more than doubled compared to the year before. This increase, alongside the discovery of a large scallop seed population in Nantucket Harbor, hints […]

Local Maryland Crab Picking Houses Closing This Week

maryland crab

Over 90 percent of the local Watermen are not crabbing for Maryland crab but are oystering for a living right now. The water temperatures in the bay are hovering around 50°, which is the temperature at which crabs go into hibernation for the winter. Consequently, the supply of raw material is grinding to a halt, […]