Fish on the Move

Atlantic Salmon – The meteoric rise of Atlantic salmon prices finally took a breather this week. Some whole fish prices actually declined for the first time since Lent began. Live Soft Shell Crabs – Prices are falling this week to $4.50 each or less for jumbos – primes are $2.25 each. Local Jumbo Rock – […]

Fish on the Move

Local Wild Rock – Good Lord willing, there should be plenty all week. The fish gods have blessed us with favorable west winds for catching these beasts in the surf just south of Ocean City. Local Large & Jumbo Fluke –Trawl seasons along the mid-Atlantic are still open, and fish will be plentiful this week. […]

Seafood Market Update

Live Soft Shell Crabs- The run is almost over in Beaufort, South Carolina. Crabbers are setting peeler pots in Wilmington, North Carolina, hoping to continue the supply of soft crabs. Canadian Halibut- Landings are light this week because of large storms in the North Atlantic. Prices will be up slightly until things clear up. Beautiful […]

Fish on the Move This Week

Local Rockfish – Oyster power dredge season ended March 1 in many parts of Virginia, and many of those watermen will try to catch their quota of rock in the next 20 days. We are starting to see the first jumbo migratory rock enter the Bay on their spawning run. Local Fluke – Plenty available […]

Wolffish Season is Here!

From the gorgeous waters of Iceland, the MSC-certified striped wolffish are finally here. Although these fish are technically available year-round, during their spawning season (August to December/January), they stay in deep waters losing their teeth and not eating. This negatively affects the quality of the flesh, flavor, and texture of the fillet, leaving March through […]

Fish on the Move This Week

You don’t have to look far to find extreme values in the fish world this week. Domestic Gulf Sword & Tuna – Boats in rotation are landing some beautiful fish. Jensen’s tunas are always lovely, but their swordfish lately have had screaming red bloodlines. Local Wild Rockfish – All Maryland waters close today (February 28) […]

More Icelandic Fish Choices Just In Time For Lent

1/24/2022 Tired of the “same old same old” fish choices each week? It is time to broaden your horizons with “line-caught” MSC-certified wild fish from Iceland. Each week we will be bringing in fresh Icelandic haddock fillets and Icelandic redfish fillets. Along with our 100% usable Icelandic cod loins, you have three great choices for […]