Extreme Heat Wave Producing Red Tides in Parts of The Bay

Algi Blume

The oxygenation of the water in the bay depends on wind. During August, and sometimes in September, heat waves can result in little to no wind. Wind churns the water column in the bay, exposing new water to the air, which facilitates the transfer of oxygen from the atmosphere to the water. Extended periods of […]

Fish on the Move

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna – The cost of number one loins has dropped below $20. Yellowfin Tuna – We have spectacular quality local fish in stock. Massachusetts Rockfish – There’s been a significant price drop this week. Local Rockfish – Currently, there are considerable amounts of small hook & line rockfish being landed due to the temporary […]

Fish on the Move

Copper River Sockeye Salmon

Local Rock- Pound nets still producing all three sizes. Local Wild Blue Cat- Proliferating in many of the rivers on the upper eastern shore. It’s recommended to sell as much as possible. Local Chesapeake Dragonfish- We are doing our best to keep it in stock. Please continue to place your orders. Rhode Island Rock- Beautiful […]

Chesapeake Dragonfish Gaining Traction With Customers

Chesapeake Dragonfish

In response to extensive feedback from our patrons, our innovative marketing team has made a significant decision to rebrand the snakehead fish as the Chesapeake Dragonfish. We recognize that fish species often have multiple “common names,” but each species is unique in its scientific name. In this case, “Channa Argus” is the official scientific name […]

Domestic Wahoo Starting to Show in The Gulf

Domestic Wahoo

In a typical year, wahoo shows up in the Gulf from late July to early August. However, nothing is typical anymore, and the wahoo are already there. They are a by-catch of the long-line yellowfin tuna fishery. Domestic wahoo is some of the finest-eating fish that swim. If you get a chance to buy some, […]

Fish on the Move

Copper River Sockeye Salmon

WILD ALASKAN SALMON – Enjoy reasonably priced Sockeye from the Copper River. NEW YORK ROCK – A bounty of beautiful fish is arriving nightly from Montauk. LOCAL SOFT CRABS – Some are available each day, albeit at a premium price. LOCAL ROCK RETURNS THIS THURSDAY – The “Pound-net” season kicks off on June 1, this […]

Kelp Farming, An Untapped Market That Could Be Worth Millions


Nova Scotia is allowing shellfish farmers to add kelp to their aquaculture leases, potentially creating a kelp industry worth nearly $40 million in the next 3-5 years. Previously, kelp farming was only approved for pilot projects. The Ecology Action Centre’s analysis suggests Nova Scotia could capture 10% of the North American market due to its […]

Copper River Wild Salmon Prices Are Lower Much Sooner Than Usual

Sockeye Salmon

The 2022 record of 63 million sockeye salmon caught in Bristol Bay last summer is already depressing the value of fresh sockeye from the Copper River this year. Much like the snow crab, many freezers across the country are full of sockeye from last year. Without the “backstop” of a frozen market, buyers must pay […]

Fish on the Move

Gulf Tuna

Gulf Tuna – There are nice yellowfins that were packed over the weekend. Local Live Soft Crabs – There are still a few around, but they are not cheap. Local Rock – There will be none available until June 1. NY Rock – The 8-12 lb fish are getting pricier by the day. Local Carolina […]

Fish Market Availability Update

Chesapeake Dragon Fish

Chesapeake Dragon Fish (channa argus) –Formerly known as the Snakehead, the Chesapeake Dragon fish accurately describes where the fish comes from (the Bay region) and what it actually looks like. Anyone who has caught them knows it is like catching a ferocious dragon. Anyone who has eaten them knows that they are absolutely delicious! Local […]