Fish on the Move

royal sea bass

Local Fluke – This is the best value in white meat fish by far. Local Black Bass – A handful of these fish should be available this week, with prices rebounding. Yellowfin Tuna – Supply is increasing as more boats return to fishing, making prices more reasonable. Black Grouper – These fish are in short […]

2023 Seafood Commodities Outlook

U7 Shrimp

As we enter another challenging post-pandemic year, seafood commodities are rapidly becoming less volatile and more predictable. Most supply chain issues have been resolved, and the biggest question is how much demand will be out there in 2023. Atlantic Salmon – The worldwide supply of Atlantic salmon could be called steady for now. Demand will […]

Fish to bring in the new year


This is the most “challenging” week of the year regarding sourcing fresh fish. Many fishermen up and down the coast come in before Christmas and stay in through NYE. Combined with severe winter storms, predicting what species will be available this coming weekend can be difficult. Stay in close contact with your sales rep for […]

Fish on The Move


Fresh Mahi – Still the best value on the market at 50 cents an ounce! Genuine American Red Snapper – Plenty of gorgeous fish- price is down 15%. Local Rock – market is glutted with fish of all sizes. Extreme value pricing. Swordfish – Last week’s full moon brought in fresh, high-quality fish. Yellowfin Tuna […]

Red Snapper for Xmas? Absolutely!

Red Snapper

Christmas is this Sunday, and we have beautiful red snapper, the perfect gift for your customers. There has been a flurry of boats trying to catch their remaining 2022 quota in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida panhandle. Quality is up, and prices are down on domestic Genuine American Red Snapper for the first […]

Fish on The Move

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna- The season ended Saturday, December 10th, and will begin again on Sunday, January 1st. We have one last fish in the cooler and won’t get any more until the new season. Garlic Parmesan Butter Chips – 1 ounce, pre-portioned, and awesome flavor – $5/lb – item code #840126. Local Wild Rockfish – Too […]

It’s December and Time for Holiday Parties! What Seafood Can You Count on?

Faroe Island Salmon

Thankfully, with Thanksgiving behind us, business will start to pick back up, and we should begin to see an increase in holiday parties. Which seafood items can you “bank on,” and which items are a “definite maybe”? Faroe Island Salmon- We are very proud of our Atlantic salmon. It is grown in the frigid waters […]

Time to Start Thinking About Caviar


Did you know that caviar originated in Persia, where skilled fishermen discovered the art of cultivating and preserving the roe of sturgeon from the Caspian Sea. The term “Caviar” derives from the Persian words “Chav-Jar” or “Cake of Power,” and it was consumed for its medicinal properties. Later on, the Romans started serving it at […]

Fish On The Move

Wild Rockfish

Local Rockfish- Plenty of beautiful fish, but mainly in the 3-5 lb range. Long Island Rock- Some are still being caught, but the market is firming up. Local Fluke- This week’s best value by far in the white meat category, specifically Fluke. Yellowfin Tuna- The domestic fish from the Gulf of Mexico caught last week […]

Fish on The Move

Fish on The Move

Oysters- Reach out to your sales rep for our extensive farmed and wild shell oysters list. We feature all kinds from local Bay and “seaside” (salty), Massachusetts, Maine, Canada, West Coast oysters, and even some from Alaska! Big Beautiful Swordfish- This week, we have the highest quality domestic fish at the lowest prices (under $10/lb). […]