Fish on the Move

Gulf Tuna

Gulf Tuna – There are nice yellowfins that were packed over the weekend. Local Live Soft Crabs – There are still a few around, but they are not cheap. Local Rock – There will be none available until June 1. NY Rock – The 8-12 lb fish are getting pricier by the day. Local Carolina […]

Fish Market Availability Update

Chesapeake Dragon Fish

Chesapeake Dragon Fish (channa argus) –Formerly known as the Snakehead, the Chesapeake Dragon fish accurately describes where the fish comes from (the Bay region) and what it actually looks like. Anyone who has caught them knows it is like catching a ferocious dragon. Anyone who has eaten them knows that they are absolutely delicious! Local […]

Four Great Fish to Sell for Mother’s Day!


The first option is local jumbo wild rockfish fillets. Fillets will cost you $16.95 per pound this week. These are scaled, skin-on fillets. From a skin-on fillet to a portion, you should be able to get a 75% yield, giving you a cost of $1.41 per ounce. A 6-ounce portion costs $8.47 on the plate. […]

DC’s Culinary Stars: Congratulating Our Partners on RAMMY Nominations


Washington, DC (April 10, 2023) – Excitement was in the air as the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) announced the finalists for the 2023 RAMMY Awards. The prestigious annual event, now in its 41st year, honors excellence in various categories, from individual achievements to outstanding culinary concepts and service. This year’s winners will be revealed […]

Invasive Snakeheads Are Absolutely Delicious


With very firm flesh, easily grilled, snow-white meat, and a mild flavor, you might think we’re describing grouper or snapper. But no – we’re talking about snakehead fillets! Surprisingly, they are quite delicious, and we need your support to develop a consistent market for this growing population. Invasive snakeheads have become a significant concern in […]

Invasion of The Jellyfish in The Southern Bay Clog Fishing Nets


Sea nettles are typically associated with summertime, but as with many other natural occurrences, the expected patterns no longer hold true. The Chesapeake Bay is home to its own species of jellyfish, Chrysaora chesapeakei, which has recently emerged in such a force that local fishermen are struggling to pull their nets back into their boats. […]

Fish on the Move


South Atlantic Wahoo – This is the perfect fish for your catch of the day. Contact your sales rep for availability. Local Bluefin Tuna – The Outer Banks are yielding some really nice 400-600 lb bluefin tuna. Local Jumbo Rockfish – Fish are entering the Bay from the ocean, answering Mother Nature’s call, and creating […]

Are you Ready for Valentine’s Day Week?

CK Lobster Meat

Get ready for an excellent Valentine’s Day! This year, Cupid’s big day falls on a Tuesday. With restaurants often at full capacity on weekends, this is a great opportunity to attract customers looking for a romantic night out mid-week – perfect for a boost in sales. To help you make the most of this occasion, […]

Fish on the Move

royal sea bass

Local Fluke – This is the best value in white meat fish by far. Local Black Bass – A handful of these fish should be available this week, with prices rebounding. Yellowfin Tuna – Supply is increasing as more boats return to fishing, making prices more reasonable. Black Grouper – These fish are in short […]

2023 Seafood Commodities Outlook

U7 Shrimp

As we enter another challenging post-pandemic year, seafood commodities are rapidly becoming less volatile and more predictable. Most supply chain issues have been resolved, and the biggest question is how much demand will be out there in 2023. Atlantic Salmon – The worldwide supply of Atlantic salmon could be called steady for now. Demand will […]