Giant Bluefin Tuna Within Sight of the Ocean City Beach

bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna, often referred to as “coldwater” or “green water” tuna due to their proximity to land at certain times of the year, are currently migrating from their summer habitat off Nova Scotia to their wintering grounds off North Carolina’s coast. Many continue to the Gulf of Mexico for spring spawning. Recently, schools of giant […]

Local Drift Netters Catching Too Many Rockfish for Market to Absorb

Rockfish Sonar

During the summer months, our local, wild rockfish are busy chasing food up every tributary in the Bay. But as the water cools in the fall, they migrate out of the rivers, and during the winter, they settle in the deepest channels of the Bay. This makes them easy pickings for the drift netters. The […]

Local Drift Net Rockfish Season Starts Friday


The majority of the annual wild rockfish harvest in the Maryland waters of the Chesapeake Bay occurs over the next three months (December, January, February). The monthly quota is roughly 200,000 pounds. Unlike pound net fishing, local Watermen are able to target larger fish using a larger (7-inch) mesh net. These fish will average 8 […]

Seafood Market Update


Seafood Market Update Local Rock – Prices are up slightly, but remain low as supply increases. It’s a great value. Local Fluke – Prices remain under the $7 a pound mark for these beautiful fish. North Atlantic Swordfish – Brazilian swordfish prices continue to stay below the $12 a pound mark. Bluefin Tuna – Despite […]

Local Bluefin Tuna Season Opens December 1

Whole Tuna

There is nothing like having one of the finest eating fish on the planet caught basically in our backyard. The local bluefin tuna season starts on December 1, and everyone should try these fish. They don’t have to be consumed raw. They are delicious when seared rare to medium rare. Prices should be very reasonable […]

More & More “Southern Species” Showing up in The Chesapeake Bay


A state-record pompano was caught in Tangier Sound this summer. “Carolina” shrimp are so plentiful in the Chesapeake Bay that the DNR granted the first-ever shrimp trawl permits in Maryland. 300 lbs of Jack Crevalles were caught in a pound net in the York River in Northern Neck, Virginia. Cobia were caught above the Bay […]

Turkey Week Is The Hardest Week of the Year to Sell Fish


Turkey Week Is The Hardest Week of the Year to Sell Fish As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisper, we enter a time that many in the seafood industry jokingly refer to as our “annual fishing holiday.” Why? Because during Turkey Week, our nets and lines might as well take a break […]

Challenges in Sustainable Tuna Farming

Tuna Farming

The rise in sushi’s popularity since the 1950s led to overfishing of Atlantic bluefin tuna. In a significant advancement, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography achieved the first successful breeding of bluefin tuna in land-based tanks July of 2023, a potential boon for sustainability. Yet, this method faces challenges. Atlantic bluefins, natural long-distance swimmers, may not […]

White Meat Fish Options Galore for Holiday Menus


we all look to get a little busier towards the year’s end, your choices for affordable white meat fish are plentiful. Local Wild Rock is an obvious choice, with supply expected to exceed demand for the remainder of this year. Local Hand Cut Fluke Fillets also make an excellent choice, as several states are open […]