Fish on the Move

Gulf Tuna

Gulf Tuna – There are nice yellowfins that were packed over the weekend. Local Live Soft Crabs – There are still a few around, but they are not cheap. Local Rock – There will be none available until June 1. NY Rock – The 8-12 lb fish are getting pricier by the day. Local Carolina […]

Copper River Wild Salmon Report

Copper river sockeye

The first wild king salmon of the season landed in Seattle on Tuesday, May 16, after being caught in the Copper River during the first opener on Monday, May 15. The fish weighed 34 pounds and sold for over $30 a pound when whole. The first few openers on the Copper River are notorious for […]

Local Wild Rock Quota Has Been Caught – New York Producing Now

Grilled Rockfish

With all the migratory rockfish having passed by Ocean City on their way north, Long Island, New York, is the only area open with a commercial season, and their fishermen are catching a few fish. Every state has different fish sizing rules, and New York is no exception. There, the maximum size limit means the […]

Most of Wild Rockfish Quota Has Been Caught

Cooked Rockfish

The migratory jumbo wild rockfish have been leaving the Chesapeake Bay at a torrid pace after spawning, headed for their summertime hangouts off the coast of Cape Cod. Our local fishermen in West Ocean City have been intercepting these fish as they head up the coast. Two factors are coming into play this week that […]

ASMFC Institutes Emergency Rockfish Regulations

rock fish

On May 2, 2023, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Striped Bass Management Board, voted to take emergency action to implement a 1 fish at 28″ to less than 31″ size slot limit for all ocean recreational striped bass fisheries coastwide. This ruling applies to fishermen from North Carolina to Maine who are recreationally […]

Lots of Local Rock Being Caught- Market Falling

Rock Fish

The surf off Ocean City, Maryland, is alive with jumbo rockfish swimming vigorously towards Massachusetts for the summer. These beautiful fish weigh between 20 to 40 pounds each. The fillets are thick, weighing between 4 to 6 pounds each. Easily portionable and even easier to grill, this fish is a no-brainer to sell on Mother’s […]

Four Great Fish to Sell for Mother’s Day!


The first option is local jumbo wild rockfish fillets. Fillets will cost you $16.95 per pound this week. These are scaled, skin-on fillets. From a skin-on fillet to a portion, you should be able to get a 75% yield, giving you a cost of $1.41 per ounce. A 6-ounce portion costs $8.47 on the plate. […]

Mother’s Day Coming Up Soon


Mother’s Day week is only a week away. The weather is starting to cooperate, and we should have a tremendous variety of fish and crab to sell. Right now, it looks like live softshell crabs will be plentiful and affordable. We would not be surprised if they were less than four dollars apiece for jumbos. […]

Fish on the Move

Black Sea bass

Local Wild Rock: Ocean City fish are available. Local Jumbo Black Sea Bass: Also caught in Ocean City waters. Local Fluke: These nice fish are packed just down the road in Chincoteague, Virginia. Local Maryland Crab Meat: They are picking every day, but it is difficult to move crab meat at very high price levels. […]

Thanks for selling Snakeheads & Blue Cats

Chesapeake Dragon Fish

We experienced our best week ever selling invasive Chesapeake Bay species last week. Many of our customers discovered just how delicious Snakeheads can be. It truly is an amazing fish. Additionally, we had a record week for Blue Catfish sales. They are also quite tasty. Fish tacos and “po’ boys” are two very popular ways […]