Fish on the Move

royal sea bass

Local Fluke – This is the best value in white meat fish by far. Local Black Bass – A handful of these fish should be available this week, with prices rebounding. Yellowfin Tuna – Supply is increasing as more boats return to fishing, making prices more reasonable. Black Grouper – These fish are in short […]

Local Fish Don’t Stand a Chance Against This Apex Predator

Blue Catfish

This video (click here for video) captures the devastating impact of blue catfish on local native species in the Chesapeake Bay. The sucking sound heard in the video is the result of millions of blue cats consuming baitfish and wiping out local populations. The estimated biomass of blue cats in the Chesapeake Bay is approaching […]

This Week in Fish


Local Fluke – These fish are at an extreme value. Well under $9/lb. Local Wild Rock – This week, we are at almost “giveaway” pricing. Fish are being caught over the entire length of the Chesapeake Bay. Please sell sell sell while prices are low. Local Oyster Gallons – Prices dropped 10% last week! Local […]

Chilean Sea Bass Market Starting to Come to Grips with Reality

Chilean Sea Bass

One fish that has remained stubbornly expensive through 2022 is the Chilean Sea Bass. Skinless fillets were almost $30 a pound all last year. But that party is over, and the price pendulum is swinging the other way. We dropped 10% this week to $26.95/lb. That is still expensive, but we are headed in the […]

2023 Seafood Commodities Outlook

U7 Shrimp

As we enter another challenging post-pandemic year, seafood commodities are rapidly becoming less volatile and more predictable. Most supply chain issues have been resolved, and the biggest question is how much demand will be out there in 2023. Atlantic Salmon – The worldwide supply of Atlantic salmon could be called steady for now. Demand will […]

Great Valentine’s Day Promotional Ideas

lobster dish

Lobster – The current situation in the lobster industry is making, for the first time in several years, lobster tails and lobster meat a fairly decent value for Valentine’s Day. With COVID infections currently on fire in China, their New Years’ celebration, January 22, will be extremely muted, especially with live lobster demand. That is […]

Wintertime Fish Species

Black Sea bass

Business will be exceptionally slow from now until the beginning of Lent. During this time, the weather will be a huge factor in determining availability and price. There are a few species that will be consistently available during this time. Make sure to stay in touch with your rep for future updates: Sword & Tuna- […]

How About Some Very Affordable Domestic Genuine American Red Snapper?

Red Snapper

Through a unique confluence of recent events in the Gulf of Mexico, hundreds of fishermen are trying to catch the rest of their 2022 red snapper quota in the last couple of weeks of the year. They must “use it or lose it” because the quota won’t carry over into 2023. The net result is […]

Fish to bring in the new year


This is the most “challenging” week of the year regarding sourcing fresh fish. Many fishermen up and down the coast come in before Christmas and stay in through NYE. Combined with severe winter storms, predicting what species will be available this coming weekend can be difficult. Stay in close contact with your sales rep for […]

Fish on The Move


Fresh Mahi – Still the best value on the market at 50 cents an ounce! Genuine American Red Snapper – Plenty of gorgeous fish- price is down 15%. Local Rock – market is glutted with fish of all sizes. Extreme value pricing. Swordfish – Last week’s full moon brought in fresh, high-quality fish. Yellowfin Tuna […]