Fish on the Move

Mahi – Like the Atlantic salmon, stupid pre Mother’s Day pricing caused a change in buying “behavior” and a crash this week. Fillets are almost in the single digits again. Local Soft Crabs – With the Carolina run over, the market moved up again, waiting for Maryland to come on strong. Local Fluke – Most […]

Be Careful What you Wish for – Atlantic Salmon Market Crash

In the two weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, Atlantic salmon producers worldwide were almost giddy with excitement. Panic buying had set in, and whole fish prices were breaking records daily. But do you know what the “cure” for high-priced salmon is? High prices, of course! You see, when salmon prices go up and up […]

Skyrocketing Costs Make This Summer Swordfishing A Very Big Gamble

The North Atlantic swordfish is what we call a “highly migratory species”. In other words, they spend the winters off Puerto Rico and in the Gulf of Mexico, and then in the spring, they start their migration to Canada. They travel using the Gulfstream, arrive in late May or early June, and stay through October […]

Fish on the Move

Atlantic Salmon – The meteoric rise of Atlantic salmon prices finally took a breather this week. Some whole fish prices actually declined for the first time since Lent began. Live Soft Shell Crabs – Prices are falling this week to $4.50 each or less for jumbos – primes are $2.25 each. Local Jumbo Rock – […]

Fish on the Move

Local Wild Rock – Good Lord willing, there should be plenty all week. The fish gods have blessed us with favorable west winds for catching these beasts in the surf just south of Ocean City. Local Large & Jumbo Fluke –Trawl seasons along the mid-Atlantic are still open, and fish will be plentiful this week. […]

Atlantic Salmon: Too Many Buyers, Not Enough Fish

Last week, Norwegian salmon prices reached their highest level since Norway began compiling Atlantic salmon price data in 2000, 22 years ago. DNB markets analyst, Alexander Aukner, put it this way, “We are almost unable to update our Excel price sheets quickly enough.” The amount of Atlantic salmon harvested in 2022 will be about 1-2% […]

Fish on the Move

American Red Snapper – We have the ‚ÄúCadillac of Red Snapper” chilling in our cooler. Mom is worth the money for this great fish. North Carolina Soft Crabs – This week, try a tray of primes (4dz) or hotel primes (5dz) from Wanchese, NC. They are more tender/flavorful and come at a lower price than […]

Mahi is Difficult to Find and Expensive

The Easter holiday is big in Central America, and that is exactly where most of the Mahi are landing right now. Almost the entire fleet came in for Easter, and with it being a full moon (Mahi are a bit challenging to catch on a full moon), they are slow to return to fishing. Mahi […]

Fish on the Move

Ora King Salmon- Excess ocean heat in New Zealand lead to lots of dying fish. They have very few fish to sell with a 80% reduction in harvest. Local Wild Rockfish- No fish to start the week, but if we get a couple days of west winds, we should have enough to cover orders later […]

Local Wild Rockfish – A “Definite Maybe” Until June 1

While everybody and their brothers are chasing blue crabs over the entire Chesapeake Bay, there are still a handful of guys targeting wild rockfish in the surf between the Ocean City inlet and Chincoteague Virginia. The problem is that the fishers are very susceptible to wind, specifically wind going the wrong direction. They are not […]