Why is Gefilte Fish Eaten During Passover?


As Passover begins today, many Jewish families will include gefilte fish in their Seder meals. This traditional dish, whose name literally means “stuffed fish” in Yiddish, is especially popular during Jewish festivals, including Passover. Composition of Gefilte Fish Gefilte fish is typically made from a minced mixture of white fish such as carp, pike, or […]

From Snakehead to Dragonfish to Channa


Albert Einstein’s observation that repeating the same actions while expecting different results defines insanity. This concept comes to mind with the recent proposal by a Maryland senator to rename the invasive northern snakehead fish to “Chesapeake channa” for menus and fish market displays. The objective behind this rebranding effort is to transform the public’s perception […]

The Poor Man’s Lobster


It’s the perfect time to explore diverse seafood options, and monkfish from Point Judith, RI, is a standout choice. Often dubbed the “poor man’s lobster,” this fish offers a rich and meaty taste that’s both delicious and wallet-friendly, especially with a price point below $8/lb (item code 770715). Despite its less-than-glamorous appearance, monkfish wins big […]

New Year, New Fish Options: How About Some Fresh Barramundi?

Fresh Barramundi

The story of this magnificent fish (Fresh Barramundi) begins in the pristine waters surrounding the island nation of Sri Lanka. On the northeast side of the island, at the entrance of Trincomalee Bay, there is a small, lonely island where the only feature of the landscape is a lighthouse. But in the deep waters and […]

Report Finds Disease and Sea Lice Cost Salmon Companies as Much as Feed


As the demand for all seafood is expected to double (with the doubling of the world’s population) over the next 30 years, we are going to have to grow twice as much seafood as we do today. However, the world’s oceans are increasingly becoming less hospitable to aquaculture practices. Each ecosystem on Earth has what […]

Local Wild Rockfish: To Serve or Not to Serve


The news headlines lately have been filled with emergency regulations on our local rockfish. It’s clear that their population has been trending downward for the better part of the last decade. A few of our customers have asked if they should continue serving local rockfish on their menus. Before we answer that question with an […]

Serving Blue Catfish to Save the Chesapeake Bay

Blue catfish

Blue catfish, an invasive species in the Chesapeake Bay, pose significant ecological concerns due to their voracious appetite for native aquatic life, including menhaden, blue crabs, and potentially endangered Atlantic sturgeon. Recent studies have highlighted the extensive ecological impact of these fish, consuming a wide variety of prey and disrupting native ecosystems. Introduced in the […]

Crown Toro Hamachi


Introducing Crown Toro Hamachi – a true gem from the seas of Japan, renowned for its rich, buttery flavor and premium quality. Raised in the pristine waters of Uwajima, this Japanese Yellowtail Hamachi is expertly nurtured to achieve an optimal fat content of 30%, ensuring each slice is sumptuously tender and flavorful. Unique to Crown […]

“Hold On to Your Wallet” for Wild Halibut This Month

Pan-seared Halibut

Fishing for wild halibut in the extreme North Atlantic Ocean during winter is not for the faint-hearted. Commercial fishing ranks as the world’s most dangerous job, with an average of 15.96 deaths per 100,000 workers. On a halibut boat, fishermen must endure ice, freezing temperatures, and often sea conditions exceeding 10 feet. Despite these challenges, […]

Christmas Week “No-Brainer” Fish Suggestions


Local wild rock is our number one suggestion for Catch of the Day this week. These fish are caught alive locally in the Chesapeake and you get them 24-36 hours out of the water. The quality is outstanding, and prices are extremely reasonable, with fishermen needing to use all their tags by December 31. Local […]