CORONOVIRUS OUTBREAK HAVING IMMEDIATE EFFECT ON SEAFOOD! This weekend’s Chinese New Year was not a happy one. The Coronovirus has had a massive impact on the daily life patterns of the Chinese. Public gathering places such as food markets and restaurants have been nearly deserted in some areas. Much of it by decree from the Government. The net effect on demand for Norwegian salmon and other seafood is a major drop in consumption. China is a prized market for larger sized salmon, 7 kg plus. The shortage of salmon this year forced them to purchase sizes as small as 5 kg. That has now changed. Norway began producing more large salmon than expected at the end of last week and Chinese consumption faltered. A market correction is taking place for the larger salmon. Prices will begin to abate slightly this week and will make a full turn this coming weekend. Smaller Norwegian salmon will not feel this as much, but prices will soften up as well. The spread of this horrible virus may soon impact daily life in many countries with similar results.

2. PROMOTE LOCAL WILD ROCKFISH IN FEBRUARY – January and February is prime season for the local “drift gill net” fishery here in the Chesapeake Bay. Right now, local wild rockfish are an EXTREME VALUE and fresh as can be, less than 24 hours out of the water most days. Maryland fishermen lay out 2 MILES of contiguous gill-net, typically on the edge of the shipping channel (where you see the big container ships) in about 60-90 feet of water. They lay out at the start of the incoming tide and pick it up 6 hours later. In that time period it can drift up to 4 miles !! t On the outgoing tide, they say the net fills up with alewife (menhaden) and lights up the net like a Xmas tree so the rockfish can see it and easily swim around it. So contrary to popular belief, gill nets are not this “wall of death” floating in the water. They are constantly monitored (float alongside the net for hours), picked up daily and only catch rockfish when the conditions are favorable to the fishermen.

3. VENZ PRODUCTION STILL LIMITED – No price breaks yet on the horizon for this week – gasoline is still being rationed around the lake (Maracaibo).

4. LOCAL FLOUNDER & LOCAL BLACK BASS PACKING OUT IN OCEAN CITY MARYLAND – The fluke market has dropped down to reasonable levels with fillets around the $13 mark. Jumbo Black bass are still a little on the pricey side.

5. RED STEELHEAD TROUT FILLETS! We have beautiful 7-9 ounce, perfect portion size, natural fillets that a flown fresh from Idaho three times a week. $8.95 per pound or about $4.47 cost on the plate!

6. MAHI IS BEST VALUE AGAIN THIS WEEK – Dayboat fish flown to US multiple times per week and fillets around 50 cents an ounce 

7. Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year which will make that a very busy weekend for restaurants! As you plan your special Valentine’s menus we have a couple of suggestions for great dishes…U/8 Scallops are always great for that “wow factor” on the plate. Our U/6 Head on Skull Island prawns are one of the more impressive things we have to offer. How about a whole fish for two? A few options would include, 600/800 Bronzino, 2-4 lb. Bee Liner Red Snapper, Jumbo Black Bass, Turkish Royal Sea Bass or even a large whole flounder. Our true Danish Dover Sole might just be one of the most romantic dishes you can make! Order the Sunday before and we’ll deliver to you on Thursday Feb 13th. Lastly, our line of caviar and specialty items is not to be ignored. Everything from paddlefish to osetra and all varieties in between. Our sales staff is here to help you. If you have any questions about availability or pricing please do not hesitate to call!

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