HURRICANE DORIAN HAS FISHERMEN RUNNNG FOR COVER – Crabbers from South Carolina to Virginia have their eye on the storm and its track. Carolina fishermen started “pulling pots” and putting them on shore today. Shrimpers are not going to shrimp this week.

POST LABOR DAY PRICE DECLINES – As the kids go back to school, the resort business slows down quickly and, in general, demand overall is less than August. Fish prices should start to reflect that reality soon after the distortions (mahi, rock, grouper) we witnessed this summer.

SWORD IS AND WILL BE AN EXTREME VALUE THROUGH OCTOBER – The best tasting (fattest) swords of the year and the most affordable pricing of the year make for a great combination – put it on and keep it on the menu through October

WILD OYSTER SEASON STARTS IN THE CHESAPEAKE IN 30 DAYS – September traditionally is the start of the “fall season” and with that comes an increased emphasis on shellfish, specifically raw oysters. Now is the time to sit down with your Congressional Seafood rep and plan out your fall oyster menus. We have an extensive list of products to choose from with over 30 different kinds of shell oysters rotated daily.

WILD KING SALMON IN THE HOUSE!! – Beautiful 10 lb. average fish from the Barkley Sound area of British Columbia. Whole fish are under $8 and fillets under $13

CHINESE TARIFFS ON US SEAFOOD GO TO 35 % TODAY – September 1 marked the start of higher tariffs on US seafood exports to China. The tariff war has just about stopped all seafood trade with China. So far it has not hurt our US lobster fishermen but certain aspects of the Alaska seafood industry rely heavily on trade with China. FACT: In 2017, Alaska sold $989 MILLION worth of seafood to China.

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