OYSTER PRICES AT 52 WEEK HIGH !!! Current pricing on gallons of selects are 14% higher than this time last year. They represent a true barometer of the scarcity of oysters nationwide and really tell the story of how record rainfalls in the Chesapeake & Mississippi watersheds, rain death on local oyster bars, killing hundreds of millions of oysters. This fall season, fried oyster “poy” boys are only going to be for “rich” people.

2. LOUISIANA CLOSES OYSTER SEASON FOR REST OF 2019 AFTER BONNETT CARRE SPILLWAY OPENING KILLS 95% OF OYSTERS — The Bonnett Carre spillway, which allows floodwaters from the Mississippi to flow into Lake Poncetrain and then into the Gulf of Mexico, was open for a record 123 days straight, closing July 27. The resulting influx of freshwater killed virtually all the oysters on reefs in many parishes south of New Orleans. It will take the oyster reefs years to recover from this total disaster.


According to an article on the news website “Venture Beat”, cell-based, “manufactured proteins” are disrupting the beef industry much faster than anticipated. The article goes on to state that by 2035 the market for ground beef will shrink by 70%, the steak market by 30% and dairy market by almost 90%. It also says that the beef industry will lose most of its 1.2 million jobs but the new manufactured protein industry will create 700,000 jobs. “Precision fermentation” is what they are calling these new proteins being created at 1/10th the cost of comparable animal proteins by 2035.

4. STORMS IN CARRIBBEAN SEVERELY RESTRICTING FISH SUPPLIES – The steady stream of storms (hurricanes, tropical depressions) over the last two weeks has kept fishermen off the water. The mahi supply has tightened again as has the Atlantic grouper supply

5. DAYBOAT HALIBUT IS THE BUY OF THE WEEK – MSC certified dayboat Canadian halibut are undervalued this week !! The market looks depressed through this weekend and into next week

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