1. WILD IVORY KING SALMON HERE FOR WEDNESDAY ! – Fresh out of Wrangell Alaska, “Ivory Kings”, or “white kings” make up about 20% of the Stikine River run each year. They are more flavorful than their red cousins because of the meat’s higher fat content. Whole fish are $8.95 – fillets are only $13.95

2. BRISTOL BAY WILD SOCKEYES ARE IN !! Beautiful fish with “fire engine red meat” and prices are dropping !! Fillets are just under $11

3. BIG JUMP IN HARDSHELL LOBSTERS THIS WEEK – With the days of big production in Canada now over, hardshells took a major leap to start this week. CQH are all over $9 now and firm shells from Maine are nowhere to be found.

4. SEEMS TO BE A FAIR AMOUNT OF SOFT SHELLS AVAILABLE – Whales are a little scarce but plenty of jumbos and primes if that is your preferred size. We are getting softs from both sides of the lower Bay (Crisfield Maryland & Northern Neck Virginia)

5. BLUEFIN TUNA ARE THICK AS FLEAS ON A DOG’S BACK !!! Every Summer there is a wave of Bluefin Tuna eating there way up our east coast to the to their feeding grounds in the US and Canada. They have arrived and the number of fish is vast. Great news on all fronts. Some of these fish exceed 1000 lbs! They can swim up to 40 mph! A formidable fish indeed. The Bluefin has something for everybody. From rich fatty belly meat that can ascend to the designation of “Toro” to fillets which have a distinct taste that is full flavored and has sometimes been compared to raw or rare beef. Whatever you do to it, please do not overcook it. Just get a can of tuna. This fish deserves restraint.

6. DOMESTIC WAHOO IN THE HOUSE !!! – If you have never tried our domestic wahoo caught in the Gulf of Mexico, this is the week to try it ! Their snow white meat is easy to grill and the flavor is off the charts ! Packed in Panama City Florida !!

7. DAYBOAT U/10 SEA SCALLOP PRICE DROP !! Tons of scallops on the market right now as the Gulf of Maine is open to dayboat scallopers. Our “Chef’s Pack” gallons from Bristol Seafood in Portland Maine are priced to sell at $1.13 an ounce !!!

8. DAYBOAT CANADIAN HALIBUT IS THE BEST “VALUE” IN SEAFOOD THIS WEEK – the stock of fish is very healthy – quotas (along with the population assessment) keep increasing every year.

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