1. SECOND RUN OF SOFT CRABS STARTING IN NORTH CAROLINA – After two straight weeks of begging for any live soft crabs we could find, it seems there is another smaller run starting in the Pamlico Sound behind the Outer Banks. There are a few shedding in the middle Bay also. Prices have softened a bit to more affordable levels. Keep selling !!

2. LOCAL POUND NET CAUGHT WILD ROCKFISH – caught and iced alive, our fish this week coming from the Cobb Island area of southern Maryland

3. MAKO SHARKS ON THE OUTER BANKS ! – westerly winds (offshore)  pushed the Gulf stream out and the colder water moved in and along with it came some big makos. They are the best eating shark by far. Loins are a value at only $7.95 !

4. MAHI SCHOOL STILL OFF NORTH CAROLINA – they are swimming fast headed to the Grand Banks off Nova Scotia but for now they are still passing by the eastern tip of North Carolina – fillets under $10

5. HOOK & LINE AMBERJACK FILLETS $8.95 – fresh off the boats in Panama City Florida

6. FRESH PICKED LOBSTER MEAT IS A VALUE !! Are you tired of picking hundred of pounds of live lobster to make your lobster dishes ? Save TIME & MONEY when you buy fresh picked lobster meat next day out of Portland Maine. Order before 9 am for next day delivery. Contact your sales rep to get additional details

7. YELLOWFIN TUNA – Our Yellowfin Tuna from the Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean are caught in a very inefficient way. They catch each one with an individual pole and line. One fisherman, one fish. Sounds tiring. Yes it is. This is a complete contrast to more efficient fisheries which can bait miles of hooks suspended on lines, longline fishing, that will yield many more tunas per fisherman. But the pole fisherman’s relationship with the sea is more intimate. He catches very little by-catch fish, (non targeted species), and he is able to return them to the ocean alive. Their fishing technique leaves a very small environmental footprint. They can only fish for a few days on their small boats. The quality of the fish is superior in every aspect.

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