1. TRUMP ADMIN REVERSES COURSE ON PEBBLE MINE ABOVE BRISTOL BAY – According to Seafood News, “Pebble Mine’s damage to the Bristol Bay watershed, which supports a 40-60 million salmon run annually, would be irreparable if the mine were approved.  A three-year EPA study released in 2014 found that the mine as proposed would destroy 24 to 94 miles of pristine waterways and salmon habitat and contaminate an additional 48-62 miles of streams with toxic mine waste under normal operations with no tailing pond failures.”

2. JAWS IS BACK OFF CAPE COD AGAIN – (music) DUN DUN DUN DUN – the good thing about fish populations is that most respond well to proper fishery management. So when you basically stop catching sharks for a decade, then you have more sharks. And when you stop clubbing baby seals off Labrador for 25 years, you have lots more shark food. The new reality is that beaches are closed on Cape Cod every week now because Great Whites are coming into shallow waters and in contact with swimmers.

3. SO MANY SHARKS OFF HATTERAS THEY CANNOT GET A WHOLE TUNA TO THE BOAT – Charter captains out of Oregon Inlet NC became so discouraged when every time they hooked a tuna a shark would cut it in half, they stopped fishing for tuna and would go elsewhere to troll for mahi.

4. JUMBO SOFT CRABS UNDER $4 EACH !!! With a very healthy Bay population of hard crabs there are always a few shedding and producing some reasonably priced jumbos.

5. WAHOO COMING ON IN THE GULF – this is the time of year we get some big beautiful domestic wahoo from boats tuna fishing in the Gulf of Mexico – high quality stuff – try some today

6. LAST TWO WEEKS OF VENEZUELAN CRABMEAT – supply will be adequate this week but prices remain high – every single major crab producing area is cranking out meat so I do not envision a price hike this month when Venz finally shuts down for 2 months

7. MORE BOATS GOING SHRIMPING IN CAROLINA THIS WEEK – With the shrimp size growing weekly now and some of the catch counting 21 to the pound, fishing effort (the number of hillbillies dragging shrimp nets) has jumped dramatically. Look for consistent production on local fresh shrimp from now through December

8. HOW ABOUT SOME OYSTERS FROM NEW ZEALAND ? We are getting a new oyster flown in from New Zealand that is getting rave reviews from our customers. They are called Coromandel Oysters. Like our west coast offerings, Coromandel’s are a gigas oyster, grown in Coromadel Bay and have a strong melon finish with a mild brine. Contact your sales rep today

9. GULF OF MEXICO “DEAD ZONE” COVERS 6,952 SQUARE MILES !!!  With the record rainfall across the Midwest this summer came record runoff into the Mississippi which flows into the Gulf – when this nutrient rich water hits the Gulf the ensuing algal bloom is enormous and creates a “dead zone” 7,000 sq miles in area. A dead zone is an area of zero dissolved oxygen that cannot support life in any form.

10. PACIFIC HALIBUT SEASON HALFWAY OVER — According to IPHC (International Pacific Halibut Commission) 14.4 Million pounds of halibut has been caught so far this season. That represents about half the quota allotted to fishermen. No worries, the east coast of Canada has lots of halibut also and their season does not close.

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