1. LAST WEEK OF FRESH HPP VENEZUELAN CRABMEAT – “Conservation” has started on Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. There will be no crabmeat production again until late October. We will have enough meat to get through this week. There is no need to panic as domestic crabmeat from just about anywhere, Maryland, Carolina, & the Gulf of Mexico, is plentiful. We have a wide array of pasteurized also.

2. THREE TYPES OF WILD SALMON AVAILABLE THIS WEEK – There is something for everyone – WILD COHO, WILD SOCKEYES AND WILD KINGS are all in stock this week. The kings are from the Hood Canal area of Washington state, Cohos are from Ketchikan Alaska and Sockeyes from Kodiak Island Ak.

3. THOUSANDS OF DEAD ROCKFISH FLOATING IN THE BAY – this weekend I rode (in a boat while fishing) around all of Kent Island. It was shocking and sad to see mile after mile of floating dead rockfish. These fish died, not as a result of some fish kill, but rather at the hands of recreational fishermen releasing the fish after being caught. Dissolved oxygen levels are so low in the Bay that when the fish get hooked and struggle during the fight, they go into shock and die later after being released. This has been born out in study after study on release mortality. In fact, more fish die from being released then die from being kept as part of someone’s limit!!

4. FRESH BARRUMUNDI FILLETS!!!! Looking for a delicious white meat fish for your fall menu at a very reasonable price? (sub $11) – then fresh barramundi fillets are your answer! Grown in southeast Asia and flown to the US, this fish will delight your taste buds. Try some today!

 5. GRAND BANKS SWORDFISH!! They have returned. The swordfish have made their annual pilgrimage to the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. This is the confluence of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and the cold waters of the Labrador Current that stretches out as far as the Flemish Cap. Remember “The Perfect Storm”? This confluence creates a food rich environment that makes this a feeding ground for many species. The sword fishing fleets from the US and Canada have begun their annual harvest with excellent results. Over 100,000 lbs. of fish are on their way back to shore and are headed to your table. They will be here for the weekend and will continue to arrive for the next 10 days. These fish are renowned for their marbled meat. They will stay with us until the end of October. Welcome back!

6. NOT MUCH WHITE MEAT FISH AROUND AND WHAT IS – IS EXPENSIVE!!! Mahi is still priced in the ozone for a few more weeks. WILD ROCK market on those big fish from Massachusetts is pricey but we have plenty of smaller local less expensive fish too. Pacific halibut is plentiful and in its “normal” price range. No wahoo so far this week. Plenty of value priced Royal bass and butterfly bronzino in the house – PLENTY OF LOCAL JUMBO SOFT CRABS!!!

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