Wolffish Season is Here!

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From the gorgeous waters of Iceland, the MSC-certified striped wolffish are finally here. Although these fish are technically available year-round, during their spawning season (August to December/January), they stay in deep waters losing their teeth and not eating. This negatively affects the quality of the flesh, flavor, and texture of the fillet, leaving March through July as the primary wolffish season.

Yes, these guys come from some of the most beautiful waters in the world but don’t hold their attractiveness to the same standard. What they might lack in the looks department, they make up for with an incredibly delicious flavor profile. They have a mild yet sweet flavor, similar to lobster or crab. Their meat is firm with flakes similar to cod’s but not as large. Its ability to hold together well makes it an excellent choice for many different cooking methods. To make things even better, this species is relatively unknown, so pricing is easily customizable without the worry of offending customers.

These fish will be available for a Thursday (3/3/2022) delivery, approximately priced at $9.50 a pound.

Prices are subject to change.