Wild Alaskan Sockeyes

Wild Alaskan Sockeyes Take Another Giant Leg Lower To $8.95 For Fillets

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The wild sockeye season in Bristol Bay, Alaska, is in full swing right now. The prices are the lowest they have been in years. This is because a significant amount of last year’s record harvest of 63 million sockeye fish still remains in freezers around the country. Large national retailers are doing their best to push out their remaining inventory from last year. Consequently, buyers in Alaska are not eager to store more sockeye in their freezers this year. The net result is extremely low prices paid to the fishermen, which translates to a fillet price of $8.95 for you. Offer your customers a treat by selling as much of this iconic fish as you can over the next two weeks, thereby supporting the fishermen of Alaska.

Prices are subject to change.