North Atlantic Sea Scallops

Why Are Ocean Choice FAS North Atlantic Sea Scallops So Special?

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We are singing the praises of this particular item because it is extremely rare to cook and taste a sea scallop in its purest form. Shucked and frozen within minutes of being brought aboard the boat, you can still see the ridges in the scallop from the plate freezer on board. Eaten raw, these are the sweetest scallops you have ever tasted. Additionally, their sugars caramelize faster and better than any scallop you have ever cooked. You might wonder how frozen can be better than fresh. It’s easy when you’re talking about a pure, untouched, shucked, and frozen on the boat, completely dry sea scallop. Make an appointment with your sales rep, take the blind taste test challenge, and we guarantee you will agree with us about this incredible product. Item code #900688.