White Meat Fish Options Galore for Holiday Menus

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we all look to get a little busier towards the year’s end, your choices for affordable white meat fish are plentiful. Local Wild Rock is an obvious choice, with supply expected to exceed demand for the remainder of this year. Local Hand Cut Fluke Fillets also make an excellent choice, as several states are open for trawl quota. Wild Halibut prices are high but have not yet exceeded $20. The North Atlantic weather during winter can severely curtail fishing efforts at times. Icelandic Cod Loin doesn’t get the respect it deserves. This fish is absolutely delicious, and this particular cut is almost 100% usable. Red Snapper, caught in the Caribbean, can be extremely affordable during this time of year (under $17 for fillets). Our domestic Red Snapper fishery, run by strict fishers, maintains high prices that rarely fluctuate.