Fresh Venz Crab Meat

What is High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), and Why is it so Important?

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Frequently, we write about Venezuelan fresh crab meat in our weekly newsletter. We often refer to it as HPP jumbo, lump, or super claw. HPP stands for high-pressure pasteurization. Each crab meat cup is put in a barometric chamber and subjected to 87,000 pounds of pressure per square inch for two minutes. In those two minutes under extreme pressure, all pathogens in the crabmeat are eliminated. This makes Venezuelan crab meat some of the safest meat you can buy.

This process gives the meat a 21-day shelf life. We recommend that you use the crab meat you received today within the next seven days. However, it can last an additional week if necessary. Unlike canned pasteurized crab meat, we keep fresh HPP crab meat on ice in the styrofoam boxes in which we receive it in. It really is an amazing process and produces a great product. Click Here To See the Whole Process