Fresh Crab Meat

Volume up Price Down on Fresh Venz Meat

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Fresh HPP crab meat is now arriving in Miami several times a week, reminiscent of years past, as catch volume on the Lake has risen steadily over the last month.

Prices have reached their lowest point, with jumbo lump selling in the low $20s and lump in the low teens. These prices significantly undercut the current pasteurized market, with pasteurized jumbo and lump selling for $6 and $5 more per pound, respectively, than their Venz counterparts. This trend is expected to persist over the next few months.

Furthermore, fresh Mexican crabmeat shipments are coming in a couple of times a week. Known for its superior flavor compared to Venz meat, Mexican crabmeat will play a crucial role when Venz meat undergoes conservation in August.

Prices are subject to change.