Very Few Lobsters Around and Fishermen are Just Sitting by the Fire

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It’s a challenge to find a lobster anywhere these days. Why? It is mainly because of the lack of fishing effort. According to several of our suppliers, many individual lobstermen in Maine were paid over $700k last year for just six months of lobstering. They had to take their bait, boat payments, and fuel out of that money, but they still ended up with a pile of cash in the bank.

Right now, it is cold and windy out on the North Atlantic ocean, not to mention dangerous, and fishers are staying put onshore. In the last eight weeks, lobsters have gone up $7 a pound to nosebleed levels. March will not bring any relief either. Newfoundland theoretically opens on April 1, but there will still be plenty of ice in the water at that time. The bottom line is that the live lobster category will be repulsive until late April. If you can believe it, lobster tails are less expensive than live lobster now, and we have plenty of CK in stock as well.

Prices are subject to change.