Venezuelan Crabmeat

Two Weeks Left of Venezuelan Fresh Crabmeat Availability

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One thing you quickly learn about Venezuelan fresh HPP crab meat is that when prices start to move, in one direction or another, they move at blinding speed. Just two weeks ago, we were selling fresh jumbo lump for $16.95/lb, and today we are at $30/lb. The catch in Lake Maracaibo is way down. Two weeks ago, 200,000 pounds of fresh picked blue crab meat was entering Miami each week.

This week, it might be 75,000 pounds total entering the country. You know the story— supply is down and price is way up. We anticipate running out of Venezuelan meat completely between the 20th and 25th of August. Crabbing must stop by the 15th of August in the Lake. Many plants have already closed because the catch has dropped off so much.

We have plenty of other options for crab meat once Venezuela goes offline completely.

Prices are subject to change