Cape May Oysters

Two New Oysters You Should Try This Week – Cape May Salts & Stormy Bays

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The Cape May Salt Oyster is an Atlantic Virginica oyster grown in the Delaware Bay along the shores of Cape May County, New Jersey. The salty, succulent flavor of the Cape May Salt has made it a favorite of oyster lovers for centuries. In fact, archeological evidence shows that what we now call a Cape May Salt was first enjoyed by the Native Americans who inhabited the southern New Jersey, Delaware Bay Shore. When European colonists arrived in the 1600s, they also appreciated this delicacy. Cultivation of Cape May Salts began towards the end of the 19th century. These oysters quickly became the prize of connoisseurs across the country.

Cape May Salts are grown using the “rack and bag” technique, a method of oyster farming initially developed in France that is ideally suited for Cape May’s intertidal flats. This growing method keeps the oysters up off the bottom to maximize water flow and food availability, giving Cape May Salts their incredibly plump meat year-round. These oysters have beautifully white shells, and deep cups make the perfect addition to any raw bar. It’s no wonder Cape May Salt Oysters have gained recognition as one of the top oyster varieties in the US.

Stormy Bay Oysters are grown in the deep and dynamic waters of middle Delaware Bay off the coast of southern New Jersey. Harvested at three inches, their deep cupped shells are perfect for both raw half shell presentation and cooked oyster recipes alike. An approachable oyster with mild brine and a sweet, complex flavor profile, Stormy Bays make an excellent addition to any menu! (Full Newsletter)