Turkey Week Is The Hardest Week of the Year to Sell Fish

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Turkey Week Is The Hardest Week of the Year to Sell Fish

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisper, we enter a time that many in the seafood industry jokingly refer to as our “annual fishing holiday.” Why? Because during Turkey Week, our nets and lines might as well take a break too. It’s the week when our favorite aquatic delicacies play second fiddle to the traditional turkey feast.

But we love a good challenge. While most are focused on basting turkeys, we see an opportunity to bring something different to the Thanksgiving table. Firstly, let’s talk about variety. Sure, turkey is the

star of the show, but what about the supporting cast? This is where our selection of fresh, wild-caught fish comes into play. Wild rockfish, for instance, is in abundant supply. With its firm texture and mild flavor, it’s a versatile option for any Thanksgiving menu.

And let’s not forget about value. During Turkey Week, our wild rockfish is not only abundant but also incredibly affordable. Fillets cut from 2-4 pound fish are going for under $10/lb – a price that’s hard to beat. Even the larger 5-8 pound fish fillets are available at a steal. It’s the perfect time for restaurateurs to experiment with new fish dishes or offer a budget-friendly seafood special to their patrons.

Moreover, for the environmentally conscious, opting for fish over turkey can be a more sustainable choice. Our fishing practices are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, ensuring that we’re not just serving up delicious seafood but also contributing to the health of our oceans.

So, to our fellow fishmongers, chefs, and seafood enthusiasts, let’s not see Turkey Week as a hurdle. Instead, let’s view it as an opportunity to showcase the diversity, value, and sustainability of our beloved seafood. Who knows, with our fresh offerings, we might just start a new Thanksgiving tradition!