Lobster Tail

Time To Start Thinking About Your Valentines Menu Options

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while the holiday may be all about love and affection, it’s also a time when lobster products become a hot commodity. While the live market may be pricey, with prices currently over $10 a pound on CQ, it’s less exorbitant than in previous years.

Lobster halves can be found in the upper $12 a pound, and deuces are going for around $30 each, or $15 per pound. However, as the saying goes, you can’t put a price on true love. Some lobster dealers may try to push prices even higher during the Valentine’s Day rush, but there are still options for those looking for something more affordable.

One of the best values currently available is picked lobster meat, specifically knuckle and claw meat (CK). At $1.63 per ounce, you can add 3.5 ounces to a lobster roll for only $5.72. One of the best options on the market is Downeast brand CK lobster meat, which is of the highest quality.

Unlike other brands, Downeast only includes whole pieces of claw and knuckle in their CK. Another great budget-friendly option is Downeast coldwater lobster tails, with 3-4’s, 4-5’s, and 5-6’s all available for around $1.25 per ounce. This makes it very affordable to put on a plate for Valentine’s Day.

Prices are subject to change.