Time to Start Thinking About Caviar

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Did you know that caviar originated in Persia, where skilled fishermen discovered the art of cultivating and preserving the roe of sturgeon from the Caspian Sea. The term “Caviar” derives from the Persian words “Chav-Jar” or “Cake of Power,” and it was consumed for its medicinal properties. Later on, the Romans started serving it at their extravagant parties. Even though it was plentiful, it became an exclusive treat reserved for the elite.

The art of caviar spans thousands of years and has been a tradition of purity and life in the Caspian Basin. The traditional Persian method of processing that our supplier, Sasanian, utilizes results in superior caviar that is evident to the palate and the eye. Caviar is integral to many holiday menus, and our offerings span the spectrum. From salmon roe to trout roe to sturgeon caviar, we have what you need at a quality that will blow your customers away and keep them coming back for more. Click here to view our selection and pricing.

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