This Week in Fish

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Local Fluke – These fish are at an extreme value. Well under $9/lb.

Local Wild Rock – This week, we are at almost “giveaway” pricing. Fish are being caught over the entire length of the Chesapeake Bay. Please sell sell sell while prices are low.

Local Oyster Gallons – Prices dropped 10% last week!

Local Black Sea Bass – This is the best and most affordable time of the year to sell this incredible tasting fish – fillets $13.95/lb.

Fresh Venz Meat – Prices are down again this week and continue to fall.

Fresh Mahi – The market is up slightly, but this fish is still very affordable.

Fresh Hake Fillet – This is a great-tasting fish (skinless boneless) for only .50 cents an ounce.

Fresh Royal Bass – A fabulous-tasting fish. Great for Crudo and ceviche – fillets at $13.95/lb.

Domestic Yellowfin Tuna – Finally, Louisiana boats made it back in, but supply is still shaky this week. Reach out to your sales rep for a status update.

Prices are subject to change.