Gindara Sablefish

The Gindara Sablefish

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If you are searching for a clean, flavor-filled fish that will have your customers coming back for more, keep reading.

Gindara Sablefish are raised in the oceanic waters of Kyuquout Sound, British Columbia. Gindara’s locally-owned farm works in partnership with the Kyuquot-Checleseht First Nations to raise premium fish whose quality and taste are a result of aquaculture done right.

These fish are raised in their native oceanic environment with the goal of conserving natural resources. They believe in clean fish, so they hand-raise from egg to ocean, free of chemicals and parasites. This premium white fish is known for its rich buttery flavor along with it’s flaky texture. This sashimi-grade fish is highly sought after by world-renowned chefs and can be used in any culinary preparation. Reach out to your sales rep if this is a fish you’d like to try!