The Fish Market Update

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Local Fluke – Beautiful fish selling for way too cheap.

Local Rock – Starting to see some larger rock show up locally. Plenty of all three sizes – 2/4, 5/8 & large rock. Prices are cheap! Sell Sell Sell!

Swordfish – Market up slightly but still in the single digits.

Wild Halibut – Storm last week interrupted production sending fish prices higher.

Bluefin Tuna – Beautiful Canadian fish – domestic season re-opens December 1 in NC.

Yellowfin Tuna – A few local but mostly domestic Gulf fish.

Bigeye Tuna – Spectacular quality local fish from the OBX of NC.

Mahi – Dayboat fish – skin-on fillets still in single digits.

Black Grouper – Pricey but really nice large BG from the South Atlantic.

Red Snapper – Domestic boats are able to work again.

Fresh Stone Claws – Season underway in Florida – pre-orders required – mostly large stones (5 count) available.

Prices are subject to change