Gulf of Texas Shrimp

Texas Gulf Shrimp Season Begins

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The shrimping season for brown shrimp off the coast of Texas typically closes in mid-May each year and reopens in mid-July. This practice is implemented to protect the annual crop of brown shrimp, allowing them to grow and increase in monetary value while migrating from the bays (their nursery areas) to the Gulf of Mexico. During this season, the boats operated by Dominick Ficarino contribute the majority of the large shrimp (16’s, U/15’s, U/12’s, and U/10’s) to the Dominick brand.

These boats, equipped with onboard freezers, typically embark on 30-day trips or continue shrimping until their holds are filled. The average “off-load” of shrimp after a trip is around 50 tons or 100,000 lbs—truly an impressive amount of shrimp. View the video here to get a glimpse into life on a shrimp boat!