Skrei – The Norwegian Miracle

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Discover the difference in taste and texture with Skrei, the Norwegian cod that is a winter wonder. Skrei, in its prime, makes a heroic journey from the Barents Sea to the northern coast of Norway, resulting in its firm and succulent flesh.

Exclusive and Limited Availability

Available only between January and April, Skrei is a rare and exclusive delicacy for seafood connoisseurs. The fishing grounds are confined, ensuring a limited supply, and Skrei is quickly shipped to markets around the world, ensuring its freshness and quality. Impress your customers with the taste of Skrei, a seasonal treat they won’t forget.

Sustainably Sourced and of the Highest Quality

Skrei is sustainably harvested according to Norway’s strict standards, making it the largest and most responsibly managed cod stock in the world. From the sea to your plate, every Skrei is monitored and subjected to the highest quality standards.

Enhance Your Menu with Premium Skrei

Offer your customers a premium dining experience with Skrei. Choose from a variety of premium products, including fresh whole, filets, and loins. For the highest level of quality, look for the “Quality Skrei” tag, certifying that it has met strict standards for pristine condition. We are partnered with a licensed producer and exporter to serve your customers certified Skrei, the epitome of taste and quality.