Cadillac oysters

Shell Oyster Selection Getting Better as Temperatures Warm

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It has been a very tough winter to source oysters on the half shell. In general, it seems that demand for shellfish has outstripped the supply, especially shelled oysters from Canada and New England. A 3-inch oyster from Prince Edward Island, Canada, is approximately six years old. Compare that to a Salt Shaker or Chunu grown in Chincoteague, Virginia that is 18 months old. This is why Northern oysters are so much more expensive than those grown around the Chesapeake Bay.

Northern oysters typically have more flavor than their southern counterparts, given the amount of time they spend growing to market size. We have over 30 different varieties of shelled oysters from both coasts of the United States and Canada. Please ensure you receive a weekly updated list from your sales representative. Oysters on the half shell are a significant draw for many of our customers. They can increase the traffic coming through your doors each week. (Click here to see our oyster guide)