September Market Update – North Atlantic Lobster

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Supply Dynamics:

Canada- Zone Managed Fishery

Lobster Fishing Area (LFA) 25 in Canada began in mid-August, with a strong start but declining volumes by early September. This season ends in early October. While LFA 25 landed between 20-24 million lbs., the May and June spring fishery exceeded 100 million lbs. Upcoming seasons include mid-October in the Bay of Fundy, mid-November for Grand Manan and the outer Bay of Fundy, and early December for SW Nova Scotia (LFA’s 33 and 34).


August landings were average, with a slow start. Peak season runs from July to October, dropping in volume by November.

Demand Dynamics

Live Lobster

Steady US and European demand contrasts with China’s surging interest: Canadian exports to China rose by over 66%, and US exports increased by over 80% by June.

Processed Lobster

Demand for lobster tails is strong across various sectors. While tail usage aligns with production, limited inventory is anticipated for fall. New England meat packs saw increased demand, with peak usage in July and August.

Pricing Outlook

Live Lobster Prices

After a stable summer, prices are rising in autumn due to decreasing hard-shell stock. Maine’s fall lobster is expected to attract processor interest.

Processed Lobster Prices

Tail market has been consistent since spring. However, limited production and inventory hint at a potential price surge for smaller tail sizes. The meat market remains stable, with increasing demand heading into fall.