Shrimp Tapas

Seafood Resolutions for Next Year

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As we say goodbye to 2023 and look forward to next year, we often reflect on the past and make resolutions for the New Year. So, why not make some “seafood resolutions”?

1) Serve more local species more often. Maryland is more than just crabmeat and rockfish. How about local conch, or local hardshell clams grown just south of Ocean City? White perch, fluke, black bass, local bluefin tuna, and local fresh shrimp are all great choices. Let your rep know you are interested in some of these options.

2) Serve more “underutilized and invasive” species. Blue cats are taking over the Bay. Even with all that are being caught today, their population is still exploding. Millions more need to be harvested and sold. Snakeheads are not nearly the problem blue cats are, but they are still a growing issue.

The supply of snakeheads is inconsistent, given their distribution in the extreme upper reaches of the Bay’s tributaries. But when we have them, we would greatly appreciate you selling them when available.

3) Get creative with crabmeat. Cut your costs by using the most flavorful pick (superclaw). Use the claw in dishes like crab fritters. Don’t spend $40 per pound when you can make a delicious crab dish with super claw for $11 per pound.

4) Create dishes with some seafood by-products. Consider using salmon trim, salmon tails, salmon bellies, tuna chunks, sword bellies, and whitefish pieces.

5) Put more shrimp dishes on the menu. We have the lowest shrimp prices in 40 years. Shrimp has never been more affordable. Reach out to your sales rep for pricing.