Seafood Market Update

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Seafood Market Update

Local Rock – Prices are up slightly, but remain low as supply increases. It’s a great value.

Local Fluke – Prices remain under the $7 a pound mark for these beautiful fish.

North Atlantic Swordfish – Brazilian swordfish prices continue to stay below the $12 a pound mark.

Bluefin Tuna – Despite rising prices, beautiful fish are still available.

Yellowfin Tuna – We have beautiful domestic fish in stock.

Wild Halibut – The price consistently remains below the $18 mark, but low supply towards the end of the week.

Bronzino – A wide range of sizes is available for order.

Monk – We have an abundant supply of beautiful monkfish in stock this week.

Ora King Salmon – The price remains consistent, and there is plenty available.

Chilean Salmon – The market is trending downward, but our cooler is stocked with plenty of fish.

Mahi – Beautiful fish remains below the $9 a pound mark.

Snapper – Large Caribbean fresh fish will be available on Wednesday. True American reds are set to be available for Friday sale.

Oysters – Farms are beginning to increase their prices. Ensure you pay close attention to your oyster pricing list.

Domestic Crab Meat – Price is up as supply starts to decrease.