Schools are open- Demand is Slowing- Prices are Down

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As is the case every year, during the fall season, when the beach resorts slow down, fish get more challenging to sell. It is a “double-edged sword” for customers because as demand slows from September through November, seafood protein prices, in general, have declined. This is especially true with species like swordfish, fluke, wild rockfish, Icelandic cod, mahi, and Canadian halibut. Lobster commodity prices continue to slide almost weekly.

When fresh production of Venezuelan crabmeat resumes in late October, it is a sure bet they will drastically undercut the pasteurized Indo producers to retake their crabmeat market share. You can count on less than $20/lb fresh Venezuelan jumbo lump for November and possibly a portion of December. So as you think about your upcoming fall menu changes, consult your Congressional Seafood rep for up-to-date fish and shellfish pricing trends.

Prices are subject to change.