Chesapeake Bay Maryland

Scarcity of Oysters Around the Country Leads All Buyers to The Chesapeake Bay

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Shucked gallons of oysters jumped to $18 per pound last week as competition heats up for available oyster inventory here in the Chesapeake Bay. With virtually no oysters in Texas and very few in Louisiana, buyers from all over the country are heading to the Chesapeake Bay and bidding up prices on shell stock and gallons. Adding to the supply squeeze are harvest regulations.

Oysters harvested in June, July and August must be off the water and under refrigeration by 10:30 am daily. Because there are no open seasons on public oyster grounds until October 1, all shell oysters this time of year comes from “private lease beds” owned by individuals who have applied for and received permits (from the Maryland DNR) to grow oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. Some of these leaseholders sell well over a half-million dollars worth of shell stock between April 1, the end of the public oyster season, and October 1, when the new public oyster season begins. (Full Newsletter)

Prices are subject to change.