Report Finds Disease and Sea Lice Cost Salmon Companies as Much as Feed

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As the demand for all seafood is expected to double (with the doubling of the world’s population) over the next 30 years, we are going to have to grow twice as much seafood as we do today. However, the world’s oceans are increasingly becoming less hospitable to aquaculture practices. Each ecosystem on Earth has what is referred to as a “carrying capacity.” When we exceed that “carrying capacity,” Mother Nature moves to correct that imbalance (overcrowding) through the spread of disease.

Open ocean Atlantic salmon farming is particularly exposed to this phenomenon. The buildup of excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from fish waste and uneaten feed in surrounding waters can cause harmful algal blooms and destroy marine ecosystems. This is a stunning report that shows the cost of battling Mother Nature is as much as the feed needed to grow the salmon. Growing fish on land causes none of these environmental problems, which is exactly why it is the future of seafood aquaculture and how we are going to feed the world going forward.