peeled Shrimp

Peel and Eat Shrimp Are an Extreme Value – It Is Time to Promote Them

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This year, the global shrimp market has hit a downturn, particularly regarding certain sizes of shrimp. Overproduction and a slowing global economy have shrimp producers in a state of panic. White Vannamei is the predominant species of shrimp grown worldwide. From a quality perspective, Mexico and Ecuador are considered the best in the industry for white Vannamei-farmed shrimp.

Today, you can serve a half-pound (8 ounces) of delicious, nutritious 21/25 count white shrimp steamed on a plate for only $2.72! Alternatively, you could opt for domestic wild Gulf shrimp at a slightly higher cost. Eight ounces of chemical-free Dominic brand 21/25’s from Bayou La Batre, Alabama, will cost you only $3.25 on the plate. Certainly, you cannot serve a portion of wild halibut, rock, snapper, or grouper for anything close to $3.25. So, seize the opportunity to sell some 21/25 shrimp!

Prices are subject to change.