Chunu Oysters

Oysters in Focus for Thanksgiving

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As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to turn our attention to a sophisticated, often overlooked addition to the festive table – oysters. We’re putting the spotlight on these magnificent mollusks, showcasing a range of flavors and textures that can elevate any

Thanksgiving feast.
Let’s dive into some of the oysters we’re featuring this season:

1) Copp’s Island Oysters: These are the original, authentic “bluepoint” oysters. Harvested from the cold waters off Connecticut, these oysters are known for their large, plump meat and a sweet, slightly briny flavor. They’re a true East Coast gem, perfect for those seeking a classic oyster experience.

2) Chunu Oysters (Smith Island Bay, VA): These beauties are a must-try for oyster aficionados. Chunu oysters, cultivated in the pristine waters of Smith Island Bay, are distinguished by their clean, crisp taste with a delightful sweet finish.

3) Sewansecott Oysters (Hog Island Bay, VA): Sewansecott oysters are renowned for their firm texture and a balanced taste profile that’s both salty and sweet. Harvested from Hog Island Bay, they bring a touch of Virginia’s coastal charm to your Thanksgiving table.

4) Tangier Island Oysters (Chesapeake Bay, VA): Sourced from the historic Chesapeake Bay, these oysters are a nod to tradition. Their robust size and distinct flavor make them ideal for both raw bars and cooked dishes.

5) Wellfleet Oysters (Wellfleet, MA): Hailing from the famous oyster beds of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, these oysters are a chef’s choice. They offer a complex flavor profile with a fine balance of sweetness and brine, wrapped in a clean, crisp finish.

This Thanksgiving, why not introduce your guests to the exquisite world of oysters? Whether served raw on the half shell, roasted with a hint of garlic and herbs, or added to a luxurious stuffing, oysters bring a touch of elegance to your holiday menu’s.