Oyster Season

Oyster Season is Upon Us

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(Harris Seafood’s watermen catching our wild Chesapeake Bay medium oysters) With this being the last week of September, wild oyster season in the Chesapeake Bay starts in just one week. Thousands of watermen and their crews will go oystering five days a week from October 1 to April 1, 2023. Millions of dollars of revenue help support families and local communities around the Bay. Proper resource management, along with some luck from Mother Nature, allow this to happen.

Please help support our local watermen by featuring wild local Chesapeake Bay oysters on your menu. They may not be as salty as the seaside oysters, but in addition to being consumed raw, they make great grilled barbeque oysters, oysters Rockefeller, and many other variations. We can provide details of exactly where in the Bay they are harvested each week, including the boat and captain’s name, so you can proudly display that information if you so choose.