U10 Sea Scallops

North Atlantic Sea Scallop Market Slowly Conforming to The New Reality of The Post-Covid Market

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For pretty much the last two years, the scallop industry has enjoyed record high prices. Unlike seafood commodities such as snow crab and blue crab, North Atlantic sea scallops have not crashed from their pandemic highs. However, you are seeing a steady grind lower towards more normal pricing as customers become more cost-conscious in their seafood purchasing.

Large sea scallops, U/8’s and U/10’s, are down roughly 33% from their pandemic highs, selling in the low $20s a pound now. 10/20’s and U/14’s are selling for a little more than $1 per ounce. Since sea scallops are basically 100% usable products, the cost on the plate is getting more and more affordable each week. The boats fishing the scallop grounds off New England right now, especially Closed Areas 1 & 2, are bringing back lots of U/10’s and some U/8’s, hence the market dropping on those sizes. The bottom line is that North Atlantic sea scallops are an excellent choice for any summer menu.

Prices are subject to change.