Fresh Barramundi

New Year, New Fish Options: How About Some Fresh Barramundi?

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The story of this magnificent fish (Fresh Barramundi) begins in the pristine waters surrounding the island nation of Sri Lanka. On the northeast side of the island, at the entrance of Trincomalee Bay, there is a small, lonely island where the only feature of the landscape is a lighthouse. But in the deep waters and strong currents that encompass “Round Island” grows a culinary feature known locally as Modha. We know it as Round Island Barramundi. Barramundi (Lates calcarifer), an Aboriginal word for “fish with big scales,” is a fish of many countries and many names. Its indigenous range encompasses the northern reaches of Australia, moving through Southeast Asia, and west to India.

Barramundi are catadromous fish. They live in both fresh and brackish waters but go to the sea to spawn during the heavy rains of the tropical monsoon season. They can exceed four feet in length and weigh over 90 lbs. In Australia, this iconic fish is depicted in ancient Aboriginal art and is revered by Aussie anglers who sometimes lose their hooked prize to a hungry saltwater crocodile.

Flavor Experience
Buttery, flaky, firm, crispy – can you have all of this with one fish? Of course. Round Island Barramundi brings their superior farming techniques to your taste buds. Because the fish swim against the ocean current, they are more muscular than other farmed Barramundi, resulting in a texture that is both flaky and toothsome.

Round Island Barramundi pulls apart (not falls apart) with your fork. It does not gently break when you cook it, so there’s no need to wait for the perfect moment to flip the fillet to avoid a crumbled mess! The taste is a buttery sea flavor that is mild enough for the reluctant fish eater but satiates the more demanding palate.

Crackly, crispy, crunchy? Yes! The skin is an added delight. Not only does the skin crisp up beautifully, but there is also a layer of Omega-3 rich fat between the succulent flesh and skin.

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