Classic lobster roll made with fresh Canadian CK meat

Most of Canada Closed to Lobstering Now

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The exact figures are not in yet, but over the last eight weeks, Canadian Maritime provinces have harvested over 100,000,000 pounds of lobster. The vast majority of this was processed into tails and meat, and a significant portion went into the “tubes”. The rest was sold in the live trade.

It is now Maine’s turn to become the major producer of live lobster for the rest of the summer. These are firm shell lobsters, not as full as hard shells, but they have a much sweeter flavor in the meat. The trajectory of harvest volume in Maine is declining, with last year’s harvest being the lowest in over a decade. With the Earth getting warmer every year, the lobsters are steadily marching north. For the first time, we now have blue crabs in the Gulf of Maine competing with lobsters. Biologists fear that the Gulf of Maine will suffer the same fate as Long Island Sound where, because of climate change, lobsters are now “commercially” extinct.