More Icelandic Fish Choices Just In Time For Lent

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Tired of the “same old same old” fish choices each week? It is time to broaden your horizons with “line-caught” MSC-certified
wild fish from Iceland. Each week we will be bringing in fresh Icelandic haddock fillets and Icelandic redfish fillets. Along with our 100% usable Icelandic cod loins, you have three great choices for Lent. Pre-order with your sales rep for twice a week delivery, fresh right off the boat.

In March (running through August), we will start with Icelandic wolf fish fillets, an incredibly tasty fish. This week, we have beautiful, great-tasting, 6 ounce and up Icelandic Redfish fillets for only $9.95. The meat is snow white, and the skin is deep red. Or you can try some spectacular quality Icelandic haddock fillets. 16 ounce and up fillets are scaled, skin on, and easy to portion. 10 pound boxes available for Tuesday delivery.