March Seafood Madness

March Seafood Madness!

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In a spectacular display of culinary competition, we recently held our March Seafood Madness on our social media, pitting mouth-watering seafood dishes against each other in a head-to-head battle. Our followers on both Facebook and Instagram eagerly voted for their favorite dishes in a heated, single-round elimination tournament, and the results are in!

Round 1 РFinfish: Pan-seared Salmon (51%) narrowly defeated Grilled Tuna (49%), while Fish & Chips (77%) handily beat Blackened Catfish (23%). Grilled Swordfish (68%) emerged victorious over Baked Cod (32%), and Whole Crispy Red Snapper (79%) triumphed against Saut̩ed Golden Tilefish (21%).

Round 1 – Shellfish: Clam Chowder (52%) edged out Lobster Bisque (48%) by a slim margin, and Oysters Rockefeller (75%) overwhelmed Clams Casino (25%). Crab Cakes (76%) reigned supreme over Garlic Butter Mussels (24%), and Lobster Roll (68%) won the hearts of our followers against Shrimp Cocktail (32%).

Round 2 – Finfish: Fish & Chips (67%) ousted Pan-Seared Salmon (33%), and Grilled Swordfish (55%) took the win against Whole Crispy Red Snapper (45%).

Round 2 – Shellfish: Clam Chowder (52%) narrowly bested Oysters Rockefeller (48%), and Crab Cakes (71%) continued their winning streak by defeating Lobster Roll (29%).

Round 3 – Finfish & Shellfish Finals: Fish & Chips (57%) triumphed over Grilled Swordfish (43%) in the Finfish final, while Crab Cakes (83%) dominated Clam Chowder (17%) in the Shellfish final, setting the stage for an epic Championship showdown.

Championship: At the culmination of our March Seafood Madness, the ultimate face-off between Fish & Chips (29%) and Crab Cakes (71%) saw Crab Cakes emerge as the undisputed champion of our seafood bracket!

There you have it, folks! With Crab Cakes crowned as the 2023 March Seafood Madness champion, we wrap up this year’s competition. We hope you enjoyed participating and discovering the top seafood favorites. As we part ways, we wish you many satisfying seafood meals ahead. Stay tuned for next year’s bracket, and happy eating!