Maine Lobster Season About to get Started

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With most of Canada closed, all eyes turn to Maine and lobster landings there. Off the coast of Maine, lobsters, as part of their life cycle, come inshore to shed their shells and grow much like a soft crab does in the Chesapeake. This is when most of Maine’s lobster fishers start catching serious weight. Maine fishermen target “firm shell” or even “soft shell” lobster, whereas, in Canada, the seasons are designed to avoid harvest when lobsters are shedding. This month you will start to see two prices on live lobster—one for “true hardshell” and another for firms. The hardshells are put on the market by “tubers” in Canada; people that buy hardshells during the season end put them in “tubes” and sell them as the hardshell market rises all summer. The price difference can be as much as $5 per pound.

Prices are subject to change.