Grilled Rockfish

Local Wild Rock Quota Has Been Caught – New York Producing Now

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With all the migratory rockfish having passed by Ocean City on their way north, Long Island, New York, is the only area open with a commercial season, and their fishermen are catching a few fish. Every state has different fish sizing rules, and New York is no exception. There, the maximum size limit means the heftiest fish they can bring in is about 11 pounds, quite a drop from the 25-pound average we’ve seen over the last month or more. Still, those 11-pounders churn out a decent-size fillet, weighing in around 2 pounds per side.

Expect higher prices for the last ten days of May—New Yorkers have a taste for their striped bass too, and we’re competing with New York’s Fulton Market for each catch. June 1 marks the start of our local pound net season. Plenty of rockfish will be available for at least the first ten days. We will have all three size ranges of rockfish: 2/4s, 5/8s, and 8 ups.