Local Live Scallops

Local Live Scallops In-The-Shell Are Back! Free Samples!

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Looking for a unique, delicious, local item for your shellfish menu? Well then Congressional Seafood has you covered. Live bay scallops in the shell, farm-raised in Chincoteague Bay, are the identical specie that grows around Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. They used to grow wild in Chincoteague Bay but got wiped out in a storm in the 1930’s.

Lee Beauchamp of Baywater Farms is farming them near Greenbackville, Virginia. Please contact your sales rep today if you would like a 10-count bag as a sample. They usually sell for $.67 cents each and are packed in 100- count bags. Take a look at the mouth-watering scallop ceviche our friends over at Thames Street Oyster House prepared (pictured above) with these beauties. Item code # 640175.

Prices are subject to change