Lobster Catch is off in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick

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We are three weeks into an eight-week season, and the volume of lobsters being caught around the Canadian Maritimes is off significantly (30%).

Preseason estimates were for 1.5 million pounds per day, and so far, it looks like about 1 million pounds per day are being landed across Canada. Prices paid to the fishers remain elevated for now. Lobster meat and lobster tail pricing is falling but just slightly each week. We are now well under the $40 a pound mark with CKL at $37 a pound and CK at $39.95 a pound.

The lobsters this time of year are very full of meat, and it isn’t easy to get the meat out without tearing. Consequently, there is not much of our signature “whole CK” produced now. That production will get better in June, but there is a value out there in broken CK at $33.50 a pound. This meat has some shredded white meat, broken claws, and knuckles in it. 12 lb cases, item code # 900526 if you would like to try some. (Full Newsletter)

Prices are subject to change.