Soft Shell Crabs

Live Soft Shell Crab Season Has Arrived!

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Thanks to modern technology, peeler crabs that typically shed in estuaries such as the Little Ogeechee River near Savannah, Georgia, can now be transported to Maryland and shed in heated tanks located in Crisfield. Despite the freezing morning temperatures, the peelers remain oblivious to the cold, as their tanks are maintained at a comfortable 72 degrees.

In fact, the quality of soft crabs raised in Maryland is superior to those shed in Georgia, due to the reduced time they spend out of the water. Instead of enduring a two-day truck journey from Savannah, the crabs in Maryland are only out of the water for a few hours. This ensures fresher and better-quality crabs for consumers. 

The current peeler run is expected to last through this week and potentially into the next. Simultaneously, there is another peeler run occurring in and around Beaufort, South Carolina. With any luck, this run will continue into the following week as well. After this, there will likely be a two-to-three week break before the peeler crabs awaken in the creeks of southern North Carolina.